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Payakumbuh, Limapuluh Kota, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia
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+62 823-9162-6366

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"ExoticFruitSumatra: Taste the Extraordinary"

At ExoticFruitSumatra, we go beyond just offering exquisite fruits; we provide a range of services designed to make your experience truly exceptional. Our commitment to quality, freshness, and customer satisfaction is reflected in every aspect of what we do.

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"Discover Sumatra's Hidden Treasures at ExoticFruitSumatra"

At ExoticFruitSumatra, we are passionate about bringing you the rarest and most tantalizing tastes from the heart of Sumatra's lush tropical paradise. Nestled in the heart of Indonesia, our company is dedicated to sourcing, cultivating, and sharing the finest exotic fruits that nature has to offer.

Our Working Process

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Sourcing and Quality Control

Source fresh fruits locally, inspect rigorously for quality, and ensure compliance with regulations.


Packaging and Preservation

Use specialized packaging for safe transit and maintain freshness through temperature control.


Export Documentation and Compliance

Obtain necessary licenses, certificates, and accurate labeling for customs approval.


Logistics and Shipping

Partner with experienced logistics firms, optimize routes, and monitor shipments for efficiency.